CS60 Series Companion Scanner


zebra-cs40-blackSALES MADE EASY.

As Zebra’s next generation companion scanner, the CS60 introduces a groundbreaking design that easily converts between corded and cordless operation, handheld and hands-free, as your customer’s needs change. Whether a customer purchases a corded or cordless model up front, they can change modes at any time for superior investment protection.


Your customers need different scanners to handle different applications in their operations?

A cordless companion paired to cradle for receiving in the backroom?

A corded handheld scanner at the
checkout counter?

A cordless companion
scanner paired with a
tablet for merchandising?

A corded presentation
scanner at the
self-service kios?

The new Zebra CS60 Series can do it all!




Be a market leader.
When you sell the CS60, you enjoy all the advantages of a market leader. Its convertible design is an industry first: simply swap the battery and corded USB converter to change between corded and cordless scanning. No other scanner offers this level of versatility. And the CS60 is packed with premium features, including cutting-edge mobile technology. You can sell on the value of the solution instead of competing solely on price. That means higher margins and more money in your pocket!




Close more deals with a low investment risk.
The ultra-versatile CS60 provides superior investment protection. Whether your customer needs a cordless companion scanner paired to a cradle or mobile device, a corded handheld or a presentation scanner, the CS60 can do it all. Customers get the peace of mind that the scanners they buy today can adapt to whatever tomorrow brings. And since the CS60 covers more applications, you’ll have fewer devices to purchase and manage as well.




Easy upgrade opportunities.
The next generation CS60 is an ideal upgrade for your existing 1D CS3000 and 2D CS4070 customers, as well as aging scanners from other manufacturers. Since the CS60 actually sells for less than the CS4070 and only slightly more than the CS3000, your customers have an incredible opportunity to migrate to the latest technology and the CS60’s first-of-its-kind design. And the deeper discount of the CS60 compared with the CS3000 can mean greater profitability as you move customers to 2D.




So simple your customers can set it up.
NFC makes pairing easier than ever — a quick tap pairs the CS60 with an NFC-enabled tablet or other mobile device. Your customers can even use off-theshelf Qi wireless charging pads with the CS60. And our partner-declared best-in-class setup tools make setup simple. You get the flexibility to choose where to spend your time. Let smaller customers set up their own scanners, leaving you more time to expand your service offerings or focus on larger, more lucrative accounts.




There’s no reason to call anyone else.
The CS60 is at the top of its class, with advanced technology and innovative design your customers won’t find in competitive devices — such as IP65 sealing and easy-to-clean sealed buttons, contactless inductive charging, high-density ShareCradle charging options, a second programmable button for easier multi-tasking, a dedicated battery gauge, Zebra’s PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology and more. And with Zebra’s tiered handheld scanner portfolio, you can offer the right solution for every scanning requirement and budget.