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Microsoft® is ending its extended support of Windows® Embedded and Mobile operating systems. That means more security risks and diminishing capabilities from your customers legacy Windows devices.

New hardware brings improved functionality, continuity of parts, better battery performance and productivity gains.

Any business can be a target. Most of your customer's devices run on Windows CE. They’re simply not architected to handle modern-day threats.


How much you will benefit from this will depend on how quickly you encourage your customers to migrate to modern mobile devices—modernizing with Android™ is the path to improve your customer's operations and, consequently, for your business growth.

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Upgrade to Android™ – Modernisation Program

Eligible resellers can receive a discount when customers upgrade to the latest Zebra Android™ OS technology. Eligible products include MC3300x, MC9300, TC8300 and VC8300.

VALID: Through December 31st, 2021

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BlueStar Europe has become an Android™ Enterprise Competence Center.

We can offer professional services over Android™ platform. By providing the fastest link between your company and all the Android™ Enterprise Solutions.

Modernize Your Customers Warehouse with Android™

Considerations for a Swift, Smooth Migration

A lot is riding on making the right migration decisions. That’s why Zebra covers the topic from all angles in these must-see videos.
Zebra is the industry leader in the Android™ mobile computing market. You can rely on our expertise to craft a solid plan moving forward.

zebra-video-understand-why zebra-video-learn-googles zebra-video-supports-Android zebra-video-migration-options
Understand why now is the time to move to Android™ Learn Google’s plans for Android™ for the enterprise market See how Zebra supports Android™ for enterprise-grade security Explore your migration options

We are here to support our customers through this OS Migration

Together with Zebra, we are ready to give you and your business the tools you need to succeed and take advantage of the migration to Android™.

We can offer you the best Zebra Android™-based technology, the best service, the best support and the best solutions.

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