Zebra’s Printhead Protection Program

Just think how many printheads your customers go through every month; or every six months. It’s a ‘hidden’ cost which can add up to thousands. But now you can eliminate that expense for them all together, with the Zebra Printhead Protection Programme.

It’s time to cut your customers’ printhead costs – and increase your profit from supplies!

Simply by committing to use Zebra Certified Supplies, with an agreed purchase volume of label stock, your customers will get free replacement printheads for the life of their qualifying Zebra printers, as long as they continue to use Zebra Certified Supplies.. Which means you get guaranteed recurring income and profit.




Secure profitable, reoccurring Supplies revenue.
Customers spend 3 to 10 times the cost of a Zebra printer on printing Supplies. Capturing this revenue ensures an on-going revenue stream that boosts your revenue and profits.




Supplies can be won at higher margins.
Zebra’s Printhead Protection Programme makes it easier to sell Zebra Certified Supplies, which means you can lower your customers’ overall costs – with free printheads for life - whilst selling Supplies. It’s a compelling sales message: who wouldn’t want to reduce their costs?




Continue winning supplies deals, year after year.
By using the Printhead Protection Programme, your end users will benefit from the quality and value of Zebra Certified Supplies. This will keep them coming back to you for their recurring supplies orders, year after year.




Positions you as a total solutions provider.
Combine the Printhead Protection Programme with Zebra ZipShipTMin-stock solutions, our custom label capabilities, and exceptional service, to create a total solution for the lifetime of your customers’ printers. That means your customers will save money on their printheads, achieve exceptional print quality, extend printhead life, and get the supplies they need, when they need them... a total solution for total peace-of-mind.




Helps you build long-term relationships with recurring revenue
Gaining your customer’s Supplies business by ‘Selling’ the Printhead Protection Programme means continual interaction with your customers because they order supplies frequently – unlike printers which are replaced every 5, 10 or more years. Since you are engaging with your customers more often it gives you the ability to uncover opportunities to sell other Zebra solutions, too.