Everything you need to empower your business with the new world of mobile solutions.

Step up to the TC73/TC78.

Introducing the TC73/TC78 — a new generation of ultra-rugged mobile computers designed for a new generation of mobile solutions. Thinner, lighter, more rugged, blazing processor speed, powerful scanning options, a large 6-inch advanced display, 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, advanced technologies for crystal clear voice and video calls, Bluetooth 5.2 for superior accessory performance and more — everything you need to empower your business.

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Rugged mobile computing re-imagined.

The TC73/TC78 sets a new standard for ultra-rugged mobile computing. It’s Zebra’s toughest handheld mobile computer. The Qualcomm 6490 octa-core processor delivers next generation power. It offers all the latest wireless technologies with 5G,Wi-Fi 6E; a 6 inch advanced display; a new ‘no charge cable required’ wireless battery option; an advanced range scanner that can capture barcodes from 4 inches to 40 inches.


More than ready for the future.
It grows with your customer’s business, easily adapting to meet new needs. With support for ARCore-based apps like augmented reality to video calls and intuitive multimedia-rich apps, the TC73/TC78 is leading a new age of mobility. Zebra proven software solutions allow your customers to add the functionality of an integrated mobile dimensioning solution, a fully-featured workstation, a two-way radio that works over Wi-Fi and cellular networks, and a PBX handset. 


An upgrade story that’s easy to sell.
When you step up to the TC73/TC78, you get 3x faster Wi-Fi, 28% larger display,5G cellular speeds, new extraordinary scanning range, multiple battery options and better audio quality, 6x more accurate locationing and much more. Solutions that define a new age of mobility.


Increase sales with new solutions like Zebra Dimensioning™.
Where can it be put to work? Wherever accurate dimensions will protect revenue and streamline operations. Calculate accurate parcel dimensions and shipping charges in seconds with Zebra Dimensioning™ Certified Mobile Parcel, an industry-first handheld ‘legal for trade’ solution that utilizes the integrated Time of Flight sensor.


Mobility DNA — your built-in sales advantage.

Mobility DNA enables you to leverage everything we’ve learned over the last 50 years about technology, users and use cases, strengthening your sales pitches by differentiating Zebra mobile computers. No other competitor offers as broad of a software suite for enterprise mobile computers. That translates into more business, more revenue and a more compelling offer. With Mobility DNA, you’re ready to support every stakeholder — from developers to IT, from operations to frontline workers — at every lifecycle stage of Zebra devices.




  • Picking/put-away
  • Returns processing
  • Order/Inventory management
  • EDI transactions


  • Store shipping/receiving 
  • Damaged claim returns
  • Inventory management
  • Order replenishment

Transport and Logistics

  • Package/pallet track and trace
  • Fleet management
  • Payment collection/invoicing 

Government and Public Service

  • Asset management
  • Warehouse and asset tracking
  • License plate capture
  • Vehicle Identification Number

What distinguishes the TC73/TC78 from others?


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   TC73 Mobile Computer
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Zebra’s TC73 and TC78 mobile computers: step into a new world of mobility
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