MC2200/MC2700 Mobile Computer

‘No-compromise’ cost-effective mobility for small and medium business


Sales made simple

The MC2200/MC2700 mobile computers are ideal for your small and medium-size business customers. These cost-effective rugged devices can connect practically any worker to virtually any application, anywhere, with the WiFi/cellular data (MC2700) and WiFi only (MC2200) options. And unparalleled ergonomics — including an optional trigger handle — set the bar for comfort. The built-for-business MC2200/MC2700 — lightweight, balanced and packed with power, all in a small form factor that delivers all day comfort. PRODUCT PAGE >>

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No more losing deals to low-cost competitors.
It’s tougher to compete with the many low-cost devices out there — especially in cost-sensitive markets and small and medium-sized businesses. But now, there’s a Zebra device designed to perfectly fit that sweet spot. It fits in your customer’s budget, but unlike the competition — doesn’t skimp on enterprise-class features. And with a WiFi/cellular data or WiFi only model, your customers can standardize on one device for all their use cases, simplifying purchasing, training and support.




Boost device value and your profits with Mobility DNA.
Complimentary Mobility DNA Professional tools that boost productivity and more, right out of the box, deliver capabilities your customers won’t find in competitive devices. And when you sell the optional Mobility DNA Enterprise License, everyone wins. Your sale is larger. And your customers are better positioned to compete with the same advanced Mobility DNA tools that big businesses use — all for a small fee.




Make application transition to Android easy — and profitable.
The devices you sell your customers are only as useful as the applications running on those devices. That’s why Zebra offers two tools to help your customers get their apps up and running on their MC2200/MC2700 devices quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Either tool can be added to the Mobility DNA Enterprise License at a significant discount. Zebra Terminal Emulation LiteTM runs existing TE green screens without modification. Enterprise Browser easily integrates MC2200/MC2700 features into new web-based apps.




Easy money with all the right accessories.
In addition to the device, there’s money to be made on the comprehensive accessory family. End users will appreciate holsters and hand straps to make carrying the device easier — and more secure. A snap-on/snap-off advanced trigger handle makes scan intensive jobs easy — and comfortable. The rubber boot and screen protector help keep the device looking like new. And a wide array of charging options make backroom management easy and cost-effective.




Easy, effortless renewable income.
Service plans for cost-effective devices are often non-existent or offer poor coverage. But Zebra OneCare SV with Accidental Damage provides the coverage your customers want and need. This service delivers the right level of service at the right price, with coverage for normal wear and tear, accidental damage and functional device failure. And LifeGuardTM for AndroidTMprovides industry best OS security support. Customers get the peace of mind that comes with the right device protection, while you increase the size of the sale — and create a renewable income stream.

Vertical Markets and Applications

Outside or in the field | MC2700 Cellular data and WiFi

zeb-mc22.27_yards   zeb-mc22.27_field-service   zeb-mc22.27_courier


  • Gate man agement
  • Inventory/asset Tracking
  • Dock management
  • Yard movement
  • Safety and asset inspections

Field Service

  • Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
  • Field Sales
  • Field service/repairs

Postal and Courier

  • Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

On premise | MC2200 WiFi Only

zeb-mc22.27_warehousing   zeb-mc22.27_manufacturing   zeb-mc22.27_retail


  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Shiping
  • Put away
  • Receiving
  • Inventory Management
  • Returns management
  • Asset tracking


  • Line side replenishment
  • Work-in-Process (WIP)
  • Quality control
  • Safety testing
  • Materials/parts/asset tracking
  • Maintenance/repair operations
  • Inventory management

Retail (Back of Store)

  • Inventory and cycle counts
  • Receiving/shipping
  • Returns processing/reverse logistics
  • Order picking

Retail (Front of Store)

  • Price check/item lookup
  • Inventory-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) order picking