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How to Win Government Deals

You might find yourself wondering what sort of expectations would come along with a Federal/State/ and Locally issued Government contract, from the sales cycle to every other aspect of the project. How exactly does one win such a deal? Once you navigate this process and understand the importance of harboring contracts and what it means for your company’s value, it’s likely more opportunities will make themselves available in the future. 

Watch this 1-hour webinar to receive answers to your most dire questions: 

  • Is Government Contracting Really Worth it?
  • Who can bid on Government Contracts & Opportunities?

Michael Sparks from Zebra, Samsung’s Mike Bahniuk and True Upside’s Jefferson Smith walk you through everything you’ll need to know when it comes to Capitalizing on Government Contracts, and how it can benefit your company at its best.

The Modern Distribution Center – This is Now

From advancements in technology and equipment, inventory management strategies, to even internal workplace communications, there is much to be upgraded in today’s distribution centers. Helping customer compete with efficiently managing inventory is vital. In “end to End’ visibility making sure every checkpoint is met and within an appropriate time frame is the goal.

Some other key factors include:

  • Tracking Incoming/Outgoing Shipments
  • Ensuring Inventory Flow isn’t Congested or Delayed
  • Monitoring and Managing Essential Warehouse Operations

Watch this 1-hour webinar to learn how to profit from these opportunities.

BlueStar Hybrid SaaS

BlueStar’s Hybrid SaaS program is a flexible financing opportunity meant to customized to help partners fit their individual business models and go-to-marketing strategies. Join us to learn how you can utilize this powering financing option to provide you with both OPEX and Subscription-based capabilities.

  • Bundle your software, hardware, service contracts, installation, and training offerings
  • Receive payments however you’d like – monthly, lump sum, or a mix of both

Learn more about BlueStar’s Hybrid SaaS program and how your company could drive more business with BlueStar’s Mark Fraker and Zebra’s Bill Jacob.

Watch this 1-hour webinar to learn more about Hybrid SaaS.

Digital Transformation Readiness and Future Proofing Healthcare Environments

Tuesday, November 10 • 2PM EST

Keeping the Global Pandemic in mind, our healthcare system has been pushed to adapt and evolve faster than ever. Digital transformation is a top priority across every sector of the industry, as the demand for technologies increases. This session will take a closer look at the following strategies for promoting Digital Transformation during this time.

  • Locating Net-New Opportunity in Wealth of non-acute surgery centers, rural health clinics, and long-term care facilities
  • Acquiring a better understanding of the impact Digital Transformation can hold
  • Navigating the importance of future-proofing healthcare infrastructures

Sit in as our very own Matt Jordan, Zebra’s Melissa Einspar-Faletti, Code's Mark Steffen, Honeywell's Phoebe Cresswell, Elo's Jeff Fountaine, and Datalogic's Rick Bird walk you through key aspects molding the healthcare industry today.

Watch this informative 1-hour webinar to learn more!

Digital Signage: More than the Basics, How Resellers can Profit

Wednesday, November 11 • 2PM EST

There’s more to Digital Signage than you formerly knew of and as a Reseller, there are several ways you can pocket a profit. Learn how you can leverage existing staff members for some fun and engaging digital signage programming. In this Webinar you’ll be able to focus in on specific profit areas and even maximize an educational understanding.

  • Hardware Sales
  • On-Going Network Operations & Monitoring
  • Custom Programming and so much more

Listen in as our very own Dean Reverman, Samsung’s Philip Merced, Skykit's Beau Geisen, Elo's Kristin Roubie and CyberLink’s Richard Carriere as they jump into helpful tips on how to better increase digital signage profits and more.

Watch our 1-hour webinar to learn how to increase your digital signage profits.

The Metamorphosis of Hospitality and Retail: BOPIS, Curbside, Virtual, and the Future of Payments

Thursday, November 12 • 2PM EST

Thanks to COVID-19, perhaps the way of Hospitality and Retail will be the new normal. Both the consumer and the retailer alike have come to adapt to this new way of living in this altered environment. Whether it’s BOPIS, Curbside Pickup, or Click n’ Collect, there are various strategies working together to improve the customer experience.

In this webinar we will all explore:

  • The Impact on Shifting Behaviors in the Middle of a Pandemic
  • The Many Struggles and Implications Placed on Quick Service & Sit-Down Restaurants
  • What’s likely to come next – turning technology opportunities into solutions

Login to the conversation with BlueStar’s Jason Firment and Zebra’s Tim Kane, Datalogic's Chris Miller, Star Micronics' Christophe Naasz, Citizen's Seth Avergon and Elo's Rick Smith as they take a deeper dive into the Post-Pandemic life, and if this is truly the new normal. 

Watch the 1-hour webinar to learn more about the future of payments.

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