What is Thermal Managed Print Services (T-MPS)?

MPS is Visibility

Efficient management of a network of thermal printers relies on visibility. With optimal visibility and data, printer configuration becomes consistent, security becomes airtight and scaling more frictionless.

If thermal printers and print supplies are essential for your customers business-critical workflows, then its visibility is of paramount importance.

MPS lets companies see and manage all their printers from one centralised dashboard.


Success Stories


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About JetAdvice Thermal Managed Print Services

Reasons for YOUR CUSTOMERS to be on the MPS journey

Zebra estimates that over


of businesses don't know what they’re spending collectively on thermal printing. MPS provides the visibility and data to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


Managed Print Services

  • Assess, optimize and continually manage a business’s document output environment
  • Lower costs, improve productivity, increase efficiency and reduce risk

Help your customers avoid the hidden costs of printing

Hard print-related costs

  • General office hardware
  • Maintenance
  • Supplies

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Hidden print-related costs

  • Burden on IT helpdesk and support
  • Time-consuming procurement and administration
    • Fragmented purchase decision-making
    • High device variety (brands and product types)
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Organizational productivity
  • Storage/extra footprint
  • Print supplies that:
    • Don’t consistently scan or stick
    • Cause premature printhead failure

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About JetAdvice Thermal Managed Print Services


Reasons for YOU to be on the MPS journey

Managed Print Services have been available for the printer industry for almost 20 years. It’s quite normal for a company to have an MPS contract in place.

Now, the MPS advantages are also available for the thermal printing business.

Before now, there hasn’t been an MPS proposition for thermal printers.

There is enormous untapped potential here.

You may be losing out on this opportunity to your customers office print providers!

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About JetAdvice Thermal Managed Print Services


MPS in thermal printing creates differentiation
Zebra becomes the clear ‘hardware of choice’ for managed print providers.

Increase revenue via services
Drive the value of the Print DNA portfolio for manageability and churn the base.

“Trusted advisor” status
Move customers towards an all-Zebra fleet for uniform management

Build Loyalty
Improve supplies to hardware revenue ratio matrix

How MPS changes the game for your customers !

MPS for Thermal printers enable users to procure and manage thermal printers and supplies in the same way they manage their multi-function office printers.

The substantial benefits include:

Top reasons why your customers should move to Thermal Managed Print Services (T-MPS)

Companies are quickly seeing the benefits of outsourcing printer support


of business employing Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) use it for printers.


CAGR increase in Managed Print Services globally.


Expected market by 2024.

Lower their Operating Costs

Optimize Printer Performance

Gain Unmatched Intelligent

Enhance Printer Secutity

Minimize IT Workload

Identify Device Refresh Needs

Reduce Re-labelling and Printing Bottlenecks

Maximize Visibility into Supplies Usage

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About JetAdvice Thermal Managed Print Services

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