Secure your data and infrastructure, including your thermal printers!

Security risks are real, and attacks are getting increasingly frequent and sophisticated. No matter the size of your organisation. Endpoints are becoming popular targets—including networked thermal printers. Successful network security requires layers of protection.

When you integrate a new thermal printer you expect it to increase productivity, not introduce security vulnerabilities. Zebra helps you defend against security breaches with our Print DNA ecosystem, powered by Link-OS, featuring PrintSecure. Together, they give you the tools to easily configure your printers to use secure connections, assess potential vulnerabilities, block unauthorised access and control your data exchanges. Zebra is committed to securing your performance edge.

The PrintSecure v2 solution brings new security features, including the following improvements:

  • Automated Wi-Fi Certificate Management using Printer Profile Manager Enterprise v3.1
Proactively safeguard printers with the Automated Wi-Fi Certificate Management solution. This eliminates manual steps, reduces potential errors and risk. Unique printer certificates can be automatically updated before they reach their expiration date.
  • Security Assessment Wizard Feature via Printer Setup Utility for Android™ & iOS®
Easily assess the security settings on your Link-OS printer with our Security Assessment Wizard feature. Compare printer settings against Zebra’s Security Best Practices and receive a detailed report on the printers current Security risks.
  • Protected Mode
Once activated, only authorised users can make changes to a specified set of printer settings. Access is controlled by a user specified password. Template #: TMP-12508-53 Rev. L Zebra Technologies Confidential Restricted Page 2 of 5 [DN-SPG10273 REV A AGLEC-05089]
  • OS Download Control
Once activated, only authorised users can alter the Printer’s Operating System version. Access is controlled by a user specified password.
  • Simplified Printer Decommissioning
A new command is available to reset all user settings and remove user files. This simplifies moving printers between applications or retiring older units. NOTE: This feature is designed to require physical access to the printers USB port, thus protecting against unintended remote Printer Decommissioning.
  • Easier to use Bluetooth Discovery Mode
Users can now activate Bluetooth Discovery Mode via a single button press – across the Link-OS printer line. This is designed to help limit unintended Bluetooth connections.
  • Additional Details

Information on additional improvements are detailed in the Link-OS v6 Releases Notes and the updated Printer Administration Guide, which are available at

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