NEW Healthcare Scanners DS4600 & DS2200

In critical healthcare environments there’s no room for error. Give your clinicians the ability to get it done right.

DS4600 HC Series

Unparalleled scanning performance for multiple applications throughout the whole hospital even in the NICU.

  • Medications administration
  • Hospital pharmacy: medication intake and inventory
  • Hospital laboratory specimen track & trace
  • Surgical supply instruments and implants
  • Patient identification and verification
  • Patient admission: ER, triage, admissions
  • Electronic access

Green LED-based aimer is safe to use in the NICU, where the use of laser aimers is not advised, and night mode with vibration allows instant feedback without disturbing patients.


DS2200 HC Series

A purpose-built healthcare scanner that meets your budget without compromising on performance or features for price

  • Easy to clean and sanitise
  • Instant decoding with PRZM software decode algorithms
  • Easily integrated with tablet-based EMR applications
  • "Do not disturb" mode
  • Corded and cordless models
  • Easy to deploy and manage