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The VAR Guide to Key Injection-book

The Var Guide to Key Injection

Customers can trust you to build, install and deploy any system, anywhere, but how do you feel about payment terminals, key injection and working with payment processors? If any or all of those make you anxious, you need a partner that’s fluent in payment deployment.

If you are new to key injection, it’s a process where security keys (Debit & Data) are loading into payment terminals to encrypt all payment card data throughout the process of transmission and approval. In simple terms, it “scrambles” a consumer’s card info at the point of sale and keeps it that way through the processor until it reaches the financial institution that authorizes the transaction. Key injection takes place in a secure, controlled facility authorized by the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Council, who set the security standards for payments.

The ideal situation for your customers is to get payment terminals that are already key injected, POS integrated and ready to go, but doing so requires providing some information to your hardware partner or distributor. Here are five key pieces of information to have on hand that will make the process easy to manage and position you as a proactive leader in payment security for your customers.

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